Emergency 112 – We help you immediately!

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In case of an emergency, stop reading and dial 112. We will guide you through the call.


How does an emergency call work?

If you have dialled 112, you will be directly connected to a member of the control centre of the fire or rescue department. Our employees are trained to send help as quickly as possible. During your call, the first steps of our emergency response will be initiated. Our computer-assisted deployment control system calculates which equipment is most available and necessary to address your emergency. In case of an urgent emergency, a second staff member will deploy all necessary equipment during the phone call as soon as the emergency location and type are clarified.

No time is wasted during your emergency call!

All activity takes place at the same time and the phone call does not delay your emergency response! The employees will start the conversation like this:

Notruf Feuerwehr und Rettungsdienst – Wo genau ist der Notfallort? (Emergency fire brigade and emergency medical service – Where exactly is the location of the emergency?)

After you have specified the location as precisely as possible, the employee will enter your given address into the deployment guidance system. To be sure that the address has been correctly understood and entered, the entire address will be requested again for verification. Remember, if the address is miscommunicated or misinterpreted it could be fatal if EMS or the fire brigade do not arrive at the correct address.

Wie lautet Ihre Rückrufnummer? (What is your callback number?)

Even if in most cases the phone number is transmitted, we ask the callback number to make sure to have the correct number, if the connection is interrupted. In case of large telephone systems with extensions (companies), the number displayed is often not the telephone number of the emergency location (extension number), but the main number of the company.

Sagen Sie mir genau was passiert ist! ( Tell me exactly what happened!)

With this question we want to determine as quickly as possible what kind of emergency it is. Depending on the type of the emergency, we will ask further questions about the exact nature of the emergency / accident.

Even if the conversation seems long to you, a second employee is deploying the necessary devices and sending them to you at the same time. There is no time lost!

All important information is transmitted to the emergency staff while they deploy. As all these actions take place simultaneously by several employees, no time to help is lost.

How can you help the patient in the best way?

Cooperate with us on the phone. Please answer our questions to the best of your ability. Even if you are not directly at the emergency site, try to give us the best answers possible. We will tell you what you can do for first aid – whether it is a resuscitation, birth, styptic measures, a traffic accident or a fire.

We help you immediately on the phone!

We will end the conversation. Stay on the phone until it is disconnected and don’t hang up!